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We are focused on renderin Innovative Solution for Expatriate Challenges. We hope to equip everyone with different skills that will stand them out in the society.



We aim to equip everyone with continues lifestyle programs to excell in all aspects of life through creative minds.



Integrity ,Ethical behavior , Loyalty ,Team Work, Passion,Accountability

Livanio International is a body of committed and intelligent expatriates from different fields of specialization across the globe. We ensue with the target of equipping our members with adequate and professional skills that result in productivity in every aspect of life. We also provide mentorship and life coaching services to help our members stand against challenges and get the best results in life. This include coaching and mentoring, family and personal counseling, social gathering, wealth and health management, education and awareness programs, social services, HRM, etc. We operate under an umbrella and our good hands are extended to everyone. A trial of our services will definitely result in testimony.

The Concept

Life Style

Improve your life style with livanio life style programs which cover health, education, joy and spiritual happiness the foundation of life. Every one trying to survive to be happy, to be secure, to be healthy

Be with us to serve the nation , to protect the earth and people, to build a future home for our next generation


Grab All the opportunities from livanio business concept . get friend and investors , participate business , get business consultancy . Learn from experts . Meet the business people etc

Empower & Inspire

Empower from people, books, members and mentors. Grab the knowledge. Grab the experience. Inspire, show your vision and ideas


Get additional Privilege from livanio by joining our patron programs, you will get free sessions business trainings and scheduled empowerment

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